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Thirunelli Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad

     Photo by: Devan Babu DB

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is established in 1973.    It is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the north-east and Mudimalai of Tamilnadu on the south-east. The sanctuary has large number of birds like peacock, owl, bablers, wood pecker, cuckoos and jungle fowl. The scenic beauty and the variety of flora and fauna keep the visitors busy and entertained.

Tholpetty Wayanad  Wildlife Sanctuary  comprise Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.  It is  situated at thirteen kilometer distance from Thirunelly. kinds of animals that can be seen in the sanctuary are spotted deer, boar, langurs, and bisons. Some rare kind of snakes can also been seen in Wayanad wild life sanctuary Tholpetty located near Mananthavady.  Tourist guide found at the entrance of this sanctuary will guide you through the sanctuary. A two hour safari by jeep is arranged by the forest department into the park. The timings allotted for tourists to explore this sanctuary is between 7 to 9 AM in morning and 3 to 5 PM in the evening. It is mandatory that a guide should accompany you. There are also guided treks daily from 8am -1pm.

Like Tholpetti  , Muthanga Range of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary  is located in Western Ghats and offers a natural habitat for a large number of wild animals. This sanctuary  have species of reptiles, monkeys, spotted deer, bison, leopard, tigers, bears and panthers. Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is a special project elephant site and elephants can spotted frequently and freely near the water holes as we move around. Another special excitement are the lion-tailed macaque . The Department of Forest and Wildlife allows safaris both at Tholpetty and Muthanga up to 20 and 16 kms respectively. The perfect time to plan this trip can be between June and November. December to February is generally cold and heat starts between March to May. You can explore this forest in an  open / covered Jeep or follow the nature trails sitting on an elephant’s back. The jeep drivers / elephant tamers and the guides available are all well experienced and they can make your exploration very interesting and exciting

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