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Kava, Palakkad

Kava is the gateway for the rain clouds to Malampuzha. The tourists come here to see the black clouds spread over the peaks. Through the waiting moments for the rain to come in the Kava.
In ancient time, a huge dragon came to destroy the Earth hiding its full strength in his tail. And a prince, strong as Hercules and courageous as Odysseus, attacked the dragon and slashed its tail in which it hide a huge sword. Observing one of the peaks of the western Ghats, it seems like the piece of the tail had fallen in the Kava of Malampuzha. 

Then I heard sounds of continuous clicks. On which I removed the teak leaf and opened my eyes. Then I was thrown in to a moist and beautiful world. Within five minutes sky of Kava became cloudy. From between the hills a stream of steam came to the surface of the lake; reforming to clouds. They became darker and darker.

For the first time we saw the speed and twirl of the clouds. Compared to the speed of the water and wind the speed of the clouds is very high. Within seconds they come together and scattered away. Seeing the extra ordinary demonstration of the clouds of Kava, the wrath of sea in 'The Tempest' of Shakespeare will come to our mind.

Without any warning it started to rain. Standing under the rain is funny. For that the best place is Kava. It is not the rain, the sky is falling. If we say Kava is a drama theatre where the great secret of the nature is presented before the silly human beings, it will not be an exaggeration.Travel Info
Kava is located in Palakkad District. It lies on the hills of Malampuzha and is an ideal place for natural lovers and adventures. The forest nearby is a home to some rare species of birds and butterflies.

How to reach
By Road:Buses are available from Palaghat to Kava. Route: from Sulthanpet Jn to Olavakkodu (4km) and turn right to Malampuzha (8 km). Again turn right and procced 2 km to Kava.

By Rail:Palaghat 14 km

By Air: Coimbatore 55Km.

Tripenta Hotel, Ph: 2815210
Garden House,Ph: 2815277
Govardhana Holiday Village Ph:2815264
Champion Regency Ph: 2815591
Hotel Dam Palace Ph: 2815237
STD Code: 0491
Information Office: 2815280, 2815140

Article: MK Vasudevan
Photos: Rejith, Sudheer

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